Live - Keane @ The Henry Fonda Theatre | LA

Sure, I've heard of Keane, but until we received a copy of the East Sussex, England-based band's latest release (and second studio album), Under The Iron Sea (Interscope), I hadn't familiarized myself with their music. Tonight, I had the pleasure of taking in their show at the Henry Fonda Theater - just a stone's throw from The Tripwire's Los Angeles headquarters.

Ladies and gentleman, I may be an "unfrozen caveman indie-rock fan," but one thing I do know is that Keane are, perhaps, the best trio to come out of the UK since The Police. Vocalist Tom Chaplin embodies a hybrid of Bono and (early '70s) McCartney, combined with the look of Simply Red's Mick Luckhearst (sans the locks). Sure, Chaplin may have offered up his band's original name to his schoolmate, Chris Martin, but these guys should be compared to Coldplay as much as Coldplay should be compared to Radiohead. They have their own style, presence and the Coldplay comparison should be checked at the door.

Keane hop a transcontinental flight for a gig on Friday at the Bowery Ballroom before Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Toronto and a string of international dates. Do yourselves a favor, check their site for info and enjoy the show.


Live - Keane @ The Henry Fonda Theatre | LA