Live - White Rabbits @ Mercury Lounge | NYC

Story by Rebecca Silverstein

I had honestly never heard of the band White Rabbits before making the big five-block treck from home to see them open for Asobi Sesku at Mercury Lounge last night. Formed in 2004, this fresh-on-the-stage quintuplet started out in a land called Columbus, MO, making the move to New York in June of 2005. They are fresh on the scene, but these guys (Matthew Clark, Alexander Even, Stephen Patterson, Gregory Roberts, and Adam Russell) take the stage like they own it.

Recording under the direction of Chris Zane of Say Hey Records, White Rabbits claim their influences as stemming from The Specials, The Style Council, and Aztec Camera. After eavesdropping on a conversation Stephen was having with a fan after the show, I also found out they have been recording their first full-length album for three months, and expect it to be released sometime in January. Investigative journalism at its best.

Stephen and Gregory both trade off on vocals, and due to the sound system being a bit off, it was difficult to hear Gregory at times. There were moments in the show where I heard a hint of Isaac Brock in Stephen's voice, with his sporadic yelps and ability to hit any pitch freely. When Stephen and Gregory harmonized, it sounded great, but there were times when one voice was weaker than the other. Their songs, for the most part, had a fun beat and a blast to listen to, but there were the occasional moments where I was...a bit bored. Their fan-base is growing, and the ones that were there last night were definitely impressed with the band before them. You'll definitely need to check them out for yourselves.

White Rabbits play New York City again on July 8, 2006 at Cakeshop.

White Rabbits

Live - White Rabbits @ Mercury Lounge | NYC