Group Sounds R.I.P.

New York City's Group Sounds have thrown in the towel after two years together. We've written about these guys a lot in the past couple of years and we were pulling for them from day one, so we're really sorry to see them go. As a farewell to their fans, the band recorded an acoustic EP and, like all of their previous songs, you can download them for free. Here's the band's farewell note... the last sentence about the Arctic Monkeys made me laugh out loud.


Group Sounds played their last show Sat night at R and R in NYC. The boys went out the way they came in...loud, fast and completely out of control. After 2 years of making music, causing trouble and exposing themselves to the public (metaphorically and literally) Jared, Jesse, Sexy Joe, Randy and Rich have decided to part ways while they were still having fun and drawing good crowds.

At their last rehersal the boys hung some mics, drank some beers and recorded a couple of their songs accoustically. These songs are free as they always are (we're so stupid. No one ever told us you could make money doing this stuff and we never figured out how to either) so pass them around.

When the mics were turned off the guys traded stories about how much fun they have had in the past 2 years. Not many bands get to do what they did as a completely unsigned and unfunded band (they toured the US, played Bowery Ballroom twice, had their music featured on national TV shows, had a music video that was seen by over half a million people (click here) opened for some huge bands and were even in major publications like SPIN, Rolling Stone( some people may even remember a ridiculous blurb in PAGE 6 about Sexy Joe getting Naked...Oh the times they had.)

To all the fans and friends we made along the way, all we can say is "thank you" and sorry for making you see Sexy Joe's schlong time and time again...we hope the ying of our passion for music balanced out the yang of Joe's wang. I assure you from day one our aim was true (to get laid under the guise of creating something "really deep"...

As for my thoughts on the Arctic Monkeys...I knew they were gonna kick the fat guy out from day one...they always kick the fat guy out.


Jared, Jesse, Rich, Randy and Sexy Joe.

Acoustic EP

Group Sounds R.I.P.