Hunt For The Annoying Bearded Photographer

Last week, I received a letter from a disgruntled Tripwire reader. His name is Jay. He was at the Band Of Horses show at the Bowery in NYC last week and was upset because a giant bearded sasquatch of a photographer was leaning over the stage snapping shots at the band and blocking his lady's view of the show. He thought, based on the photos we posted of that gig, that the bearded giant worked for us. Read his letter below. It's pretty funny.



I too was at the B. of H. show at Bowery and also truly enjoyed it for the most part. The reason I'm emailing is that I hope to verify that you're NOT the person who was standing in front of us at the show but the angles of the photos suggest that it might be you.

There was a tall bearded fellow who was at the very front leaning on the stage and took pictures during the entire show. I felt a little bad for the band who had to put up with all the flashes not to mention all the people he cut in front of to secure his prime spot.

Anyway this guy made my show a little less enjoyable and completely ruined my girlfriend's show by standing right in front of her and constantly leaning into her view.

I really enjoy your emails and just hope to god that you're not that asshole.




I'd like to assure everyone that we do not employ anyone that a) has a beard, or b) is a giant sasquatch. Chip Adams IS 6'2" but he's barely able to grow peach fuzz, so that counts him out. I did a little investigating and it seems that multiple people at that show recognized this bearded giant and had similar complaints. So, the whole Tripwire gang chatted about it while wasting time on an insanely long conference call and decided that it would be a fantastic idea to discover who this man is. In order to do so, we will look to our beloved readers for help.

So here's the deal. Next time you're at a show and you see a giant dude with a beard annoyingly snapping flash photographs of the band and blocking your view with his giant bearded head, take a photo of him. If we get enough, we'll post the photos and let Jay pick this dude out of a line up. Whoever actually gets a shot of this guy will win something awesome. We don't know what it is yet, but rest assured that it will be great and you will love it and brag to all your friends.

Send your photos to

Game on.

Hunt For The Annoying Bearded Photographer