Something Comes Our Way

When sleepy eyes give birth to musical inspiration there is Balun, a band that went from electronic to electro-acoustic within two years, transitioning from Balloon to Balun. Now, Angelica, Jose and Andres (from San Juan) embark on the follow-up to their dreamscape filled EPs (While Sleeping and Nada Que Hacer Hoy) with Something Comes Our Way, furthering the child-like fashion of groups like The Boy Least Likely To in its organic spirit and edgy innocence. Less angsty in comparison, Balun also presents the soothing, ultrasonic sounds reminiscent of the 'ol Super Mario Bros. Nintendo ("Moving Pictures") and grade school melodica. The album is thoughtful, endearing and metaphoric - cut to The Red Balloon (the '50s French film where a red balloon follows a young boy throughout the streets of Paris).

Concurrently the album's synth pulses capture euphoric R.E.M. or perhaps the novel sense of awakening ("Be Careful When You Walk"). "Opening The Box" provides blips of distorted vocals, while "People" notably progresses whimsically into the atmosphere of a Parisian accordion. There is something elusive about Something Comes Our Way that is thoroughly enjoyable - something which somehow could be projected throughout global reel footage and muted to this record in all its precious reverie.


Something Comes Our Way