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Reason number one that you should listen to our Tripwire Push Upstairs podcast: You might discover something new that you like, a lot. I have to admit it; I hadn't heard of Boston's Bon Savants before checking out Robert's podcast, and it's kind of surprising. They encompass everything I like about good music. Amazing vocals, great music that is perfect for a sunny summer day and they are only about three hours from my home base to boot. Who knew?

While Bon Savant's new album, Post Rock Defends The Nation, comes out very soon (only available at shows and online through their site), their sampler EP is a great introduction into the band. It also hosts four songs that will be on the full length that was produced by Bill Racine (Rouge Wave). I have to be honest, I was weary when I heard that their vocalist sounded like Jarvis Cocker; you don't mess with Pulp. I had flashbacks to that crappy band called Rialto that even stole the art idea from This Is Hardcore for their album cover. My fear was quickly turned into love upon hearing the opening track, "Between The Moon And The Ocean." Yes, the vocal stylings are very Jarvis Cocker-ish, but Bon Savants hold their own and clearly possess indie songwriting talent in the vein of Built To Spill.

Moving along, the foursome takes a complete 180-degree turn with "Tip Of Our Tongues." The huge fuzzy guitars are reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and guide the song with echoed harmonies. "I Am The Atom Bomb" and "Why This Could Never Work Between Us" are both equally as good and feature the same big Britpop/rock guitar work of the other tracks. If this is any indication of where the full length is going then we are all in for a massive treat.

Bon Savants are going to have a residency at New York City's Pianos in July. Check them out live, I know that I am.

"Between The Moon And The Ocean"

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Songs From The Forthcoming Debut...