story by AmyLu Meneses

For over six years, Michael T, Justine D, Johnny T and Georgie Seville have come together to put on the most exciting event in nightlife, the MOTHERFUCKER party. By blending different music scenes, social circles, and different styles of fashion, these producers bring together the most diverse elements of New York City.

On July 3rd, MOTHERFUCKER celebrated Independence Day rockstar-style at club Eugene in Manhattan. With a live performance by UK indie rockers, The Futureheads, and three rooms with djs spinning different music styles - rock & roll, techno and electropop, to '50s rock and '60s soul. I noticed a lovely variety of go-go dancers that would fancy anyone's taste in sexual preference or style, from super skinny fem-boys, sexy aphrodite goddesses, to hipster-tattooed binkini babes. Because this MOFO was in celebration of USA's independence, everyone was wearing red, white, blue, stars, and a lot of glitter (when I returned home I had red, blue and silver glitter from other people all over my face).

The line to get in was wrapped around the corner and I received many phone calls and text messages throughout the night from people trying to get in. One friend visiting from LA ended up stuck in line for about a half hour and texted me, "OMG, this line is sooooo long! But is it worth the wait?" My answer would, of course, be yes. When she finally made it inside she couldn't believe her eyes, from the glamorous, over the top costumes and makeup, to the amount of people in attendance. I believe her words were: "There's nothing like this in California. Never would you see this many people make such an effort to just go out to a party."

The number of local party photographers seem to be getting bigger, but the two more well known NYC talents, and, were among the ones who got the most credit. There was also a video crew running around the party filming all the pretty people for the upcoming documentary, MOTHERFUCKER: A Movie, to be released in 2007. The filmmaker, David Casey, is documenting MOTHERFUCKER and the lives of four very different downtown personalities, as they describe the ins-and-outs of their lifestyles. He is documenting this scene through an outsider's perspective, compiling over one hundred interviews. July 3rd was the final night of filming, and one of the last people to tell their MOTHERFUCKER experiences was Alan Cummings (X-Men 2 and Spy Kids).

You can watch the MOTHERFUCKER: A Movie trailer here and go to the movie website here to find out more about their plans to tour nationwide in 2007!

You know it was a successful party when everyone is leaving the party at 4am covered in sweat and smudged makeup. If you don't believe me just check out more photos at these photoblogs:,, and, to see for yourself. I salute you, MOTHERFUCKER, the mission was yet again accomplished with flying colors - of red, white, and blue.