Tomorrow Night In NYC: All England Club

When you combine great British music, free Bass Ale and Ben Sherman swag, how can you go wrong? This is the winning formula for the monthly NYC party The All England Club, which is taking place tomorrow night starting at 9pm. This month's theme is Classic/Current, bringing together classic British anthems with much more recent selections. That means you'll hear classic Smiths tracks as well as brand new Morrissey, classic Charlatans as well as new Charlatans and solo Tim Burgess stuff. They will also includes new projects by old faves (Lush and Sing-Sing, Suede and the Tears, etc.). Simple, no? As always, the suggested attire is tennis whites. Here are the details:

The All England Club
Thursday, July 6
Lolita Bar (Brooome & Allen)
Complimentary Bass Ale from 10-11pm.
Music begins at 9pm

Tomorrow Night In NYC: All England Club