Blood Brothers Whip Out Their Young Machetes

Back in April we reported that Seattle's vocal chord shredding rockers Blood Brothers were working on a new full-length album. The group has now confirmed that the title of their fifth LP will be Young Machetes, which will be released on October 10 via V2. The new record was recorded at Seattle's Robert Lang Studios, with producers Guy Piccioto (of Fugazi) and John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Blonde Redhead). Although we don't have the exact order of the songs on the album, we do know the titles. Hey, at least it is a start!

Young Machetes: Unsequenced Tracklisting
"Set Fire To The Face On Fire"
"We Ride Skeletal Lightning"
"Lazer Life"
"Camouflage Camouflage"
"You're The Dream, Unicorn!"
"Vital Beach"
"Rat Rider"
"Spit Shine Your Black Clouds"
"1,2,3,4 Guitars"
"Lift The Veil, Kiss The Tank"
"Nausea Shreds Your Head"
"Johnny Ripper/Stevie Ray Hendrixson"
"Huge Gold AK-47"
"Street Wars, Exotic Foxholes"
"The Giant Swan"

Blood Brothers Whip Out Their Young Machetes