Interpol Decides To Kiss And Make Up

All is well in the land of Interpol. Although the NYC band seems to have gone through a few rough patches lately, the band has announced that they are currently writing their third album. After breaking up an impressive four times, the band has put their problems behind them, got a dog, contemplated moving to Jersey City and have been writing over the past six months.

On their official website, the band said: "Things are good. Gettin' some rest... gettin' some sun. We did break up - four times - but that's all behind us now. Carlos got a dog. His name is Gaius. Italian greyhound - looks like Carlos. Also, I think I'm moving to Jersey City; because that's where the action is really at. Whoever the people on MySpace are, they're not us.

In all seriousness, we're hard at work on the writing of album three. We've been at it for six months - in case you heard we were on hiatus. We're all very excited about it and think that you will be too. Having yet to record, we can only say that Release will come sometime next year."

New songs in the works include "The Heinrich Maneuver" and "Pawn Shop."

Interpol Decides To Kiss And Make Up