Tripwire: In Case You Missed It

-The hunt is on.

-Download stuff from Master Shake.

-New album reviews for Greg Laswell, Scanners, Amy Milan, Shearwater, Bon Savants and Balun.

-Despite what some music outlets say, the kids love Sound Team.

-Our podcast has new tunes from iLiKETRAiNS, Balun, The Evening Episode, Cut Chemist, Benevento-Russo Duo, Hairshirt, The Fernets, You & The Atom Bomb, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Scissors For Lefty, Greg Graffin, Sleeping At Last, Ryan Auffenberg and The Format.

-Live show reviews for Futureheads, Little Ones, Intonation day one and day two, Beck, Hourly Radio, and a night in Chicago.

-Quitting is for losers.

-New release info for Pirate Music, Mark Romanek, Beck, Chin Up Chin Up, Kicking And Screaming, Transformers, Morrissey, Jeremy Enigk, Jarvis Cocker and Pulp.

-Updated tour information from Massive Attack, Gnarls Barkley, The Rentals, Mew, NYC Summer Free list, Bjorkestra, French Kicks, The Church/Rob Dickinson and Jason Lytle.

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Tripwire: In Case You Missed It