Weekly Web Roundup

-New Ray LaMontagne tune on Stereogum.

-Great song from Cardiff, UK-based Los Campesinos on Skatterbrain. It takes a while to get going... but it's worth the wait.

-Gorilla Vs Bear has a new James Figurine track (album's out next week). James Figurine is Jimmy Tamborello from Dntel and The Postal Service. If the rest of the album is this good, it's definitely worth picking up.

-New Bluetooth audio/video player from Klegg will retail for $100. It looks pretty sick. Learn more at Engadget.

-J. Mascis and Broken Social Scene played a gig as Broken Mascis Scene in Toronto at a fundraiser for the Amma Foundation. rbally has the WHOLE SHOW available for download. Siiiiiiiick.

-Music (For Robots) has a track from the new Say Hi To Your Mom album. I just got this record yesterday and it's pretty damn good. Some of the songs clock in at 6 to 7 minutes plus... but I was digging it on my first listen. Check it out.

-This one's actually from last week, but I HAVE to repost it. Transformers the movie! More than meets the eye muthaf*cker!

Weekly Web Roundup