Ricky Gervais Invades The US Office

I have to admit it; I am a sucker for Ricky Gervais. From The Office to Extras, this guy continuously makes myself, as well as others, laugh.

When the US version of The Office came about I wasn't as impressed with it as I was with the BBC one. However, during the show's second season, the cast grew into a groove and it quickly became one of my Tivo's "must record" shows. Now, as the US version heads into its third season, the producers are going to pull out all the stops.

In an interview with US Executive Producer Ben Silverman and the NY Post, Silverman offered up some tasty treats that fans can look forward to seeing. One of those things is the appearance of some of the beloved British cast on US soil. Silverman explained, "Expect some cameos from the UK paper company. There's a lot of love between the casts and crews of the two versions of the show."

According to the interview, Ricky Gervais is being saved for a special episode of the US version, one that he is writing himself. The rumored British cast members that could make an appearance include Mackenzie Crook (Gareth), Martin Freeman (Tim) and Lucy Davis (Dawn).

Ricky Gervais Invades The US Office