New Game For Atari 2600 + Greatest Commercial Ever

I have such fond memories of my old Atari 2600. Spending hours upon hours playing classics such as Pitfall, Frogger, River Raid, Missile Command, Kaboom and that damn E.T. game that I never solved, that good old Atari was a great way to waste away an afternoon when it was too hot to play outside as a kid. At some point when I reached junior high, I sold my 2600 along with all my games in a garage sale, a decision that I still regret to this very day. C'mon... those old school Atari 2600's were pretty hot... complete with the faux wood paneling on the front.

Twenty-nine years after the debut of this classic videogame platform, cult fans are still working on new games for the system. Yes, new 2600 games! A recent post on Boing Boing shows the recent release of a limited-edition cartridge for the game A-CVS-Tec Challenge, released by some programming dude named Simon Quernhorst. The game is a take on the old-school game Aztec Challenge. There is even a trailer for the game, which you can view here. To read more about this game, click here.

Speaking of Atari, I stumbled upon this classic commercial for Pole Position. This is one of the most ridiculously amazing commercials I have ever seen. The theme music is pretty badass as well. Watch this for yourself to enjoy some of the most over-the-top voiceover work in advertising history.

"Oh no you ain't... you're gonna play... POLE POSITION!!!!!!!!!"

New Game For Atari 2600 + Greatest Commercial Ever