Tribute To John Peel

Tribute To John Peel is actually a website we just came across yesterday. Here's what they're "about":

John Peel managed to share his passion with a wide audience for decades, discovering hundreds of artists regardless of genre. His support gave exposure to unknown acts and started careers which would not have been without him, championing music for its quality rather than commercial viability.

This website was created to pay him a due tribute and to modestly try to carry on what he started: giving exposure to talent. We want to believe he would have approved a musical tribute giving a chance to emerging artists, something he did during his whole life.

The site has done six "sessions" so far, which basically means they post a collection of MP3s from unknown artists. Each one has unique, original, downloadable artwork. It is all pretty cool. I haven't found a TON of great stuff, but there are definitely a few gems (Soeza). Go check it out.

Tribute To John Peel