Los Abandoned is what you get when a bunch of cool Latinos from LA and Chile who have a new wave and post-punk backgrounds form a band. Put aside the fact that the lyrics are sung in English and Spanish (Spanglish), Los Abandoned, have a post-punk/latin alternative influenced sound, no matter what language it's in. They put Casio keyboard, screechy electric guitar riffs and a ukulele (yes, I wrote Ukulele) together to create a super chido (super cool, in Mexican Spanish) mix that America should be ready for.

This gang of four features the super caliente, bilingual punk rock chica Lady P. on vocals and ukulele, co-songwriter Don Verde on lead guitar, and a rhythm section of clean cut rockers with Vira Lata on bass and Dulce on drums. Since 2002, their groundbreaking self-produced/released EPs and their awesome live shows have earned them love from the press and won over the hearts of thousands of fans.

Their first full-length album Mix Tape (Produced by David Trumfio) is now available for download on iTunes (available in stores September 12) via Vapor Records (Tagan & Sara, Cake Like). My favorite songs on this album are: "A La Mode," "Venden Mi Nostalgia," "Panic-oh!," "Stalk U," and "Me Quieren En Chile."

If you haven't seen them live and you live in NYC, they will be performing this Sunday, July 23rd at SOB's. A weekly party called, Nacotheque (Naco-Tek), where all the music is Spanish-sung Rock n' Roll, New Wave, Dance Disco, Electro Pop, Cumbia and Hip Hop, will be hosting a Los Abandoned record release party on Friday, July 21st. Enter to win tickets to their show on the Nacothque MySpace page.

Los Abandoned
Vapor Records
"Electricidad" Video (right click, save as)

by Amylu Meneses