Be In Spike Jonze's New Film

Are you a young boy that wants to be in pictures? Probably not if you are reading this site. However, if you know someone who is, then keep reading.

Spike Jonze is looking for a kid to cast as the lead in his new film, an adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. Here are the qualifications that Max must posess:

01. 7-9 years old. Ideally, 8 years old. A 7-year-old would need to be pretty precocious. A 9-year-old couldn't be too tall/mature-looking.

02. Sensitive, loving, lovable, smart, with a sense of humor.

03. Playful, rambunctious, mischievous.

04. He needs to be the sort of kid who's very creative but also very active -- the sort who might create an elaborate sand castle but also relish destroying it.

05. Basically, he needs to be "all boy," just as Max is in the book.

06. Dark hair is a plus.

07. He should be natural -- unself-conscious, not too actorly

Have what it takes? If so, send an email to Justine Baddeley, Cate Engel, and Kim Davis. Good luck!

Be In Spike Jonze's New Film