Live - The Raconteurs @ The Warfield | SF

story by Jenn Hernandez   photos by Evan Cohen

What I Learned From the Raconteurs Live Shows, July 22-23:

1. THIS IS NOT THE WHITE STRIPES. Dear people in audience: stop heckling Jack White to play "Seven Nation Army"!!!!

2. Bassist Jack Lawrence really looks like that in real life - large horn rim Coke bottle bottom glasses, flannel, and longer hair than me twice over. He looks like he should be putting books away at the SF Public Library instead of string plucking.

3. Brendan Benson should not wear a tight wife beater and skinny jeans (witnessed Saturday) as he looked like he was supposed to be in Van Halen.

4. I actually like the rockabilly, hard rock version of their Gnarls Barkley cover "Crazy" (Sunday night).

5. "Blue Veins" was, once again, 18 minutes of White on his knees, pacing up and down the stage, head banging, and jumping maniacally, all the while playing an electric guitar I thought was going to burst into flames from how hard and fast he was playing it. I really want that song to be on Guitar Hero so I can emulate his wailing.

6. Sometimes, crowds don't suck and actually dance, sing along, are courteous as you're coming through, and play air guitar to the band. And that rules.

7. This band is here to stay. It is true that they each will always have their respective music careers, the ones that existed well before the Raconteurs. But so long as there is beer to be had and shredding to be done, they are here, in your face, screaming and singing their lyrics into your shocked ear drums in "holy hell I didn't know live shows could be this good" proportions. Then they wink at you.

8. Pray for a new album.

9. Pray again for a new album.

10. Get to their shows early. Missing 25 minutes of the first night made me a very sad Jenn.

Here are some sweet photos from their performance at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Evan Cohen's Photo Gallery:

Live - The Raconteurs @ The Warfield | SF