Lover Politician EP

Not the best band name, I know. But don't worry, this Detroit-based three-piece make up for their questionable moniker with a debut EP worth celebrating. Called the Lover Politician EP, this 25-minute, five song debut made its way to store shelves via Chicago's very own Contraphonic Records earlier this month. With influences that range from Echo & The Bunnymen to Can to Iggy Pop, Hairshirt construct both dark, brooding, epic songs and upbeat, melodic, pop-inspired offerings.

EP opener "Like A Leaf" is a swirly, droning, powerful introduction to this up and coming act's first effort. The awesomely-titled next song, "Trapper Keepers," is filled with synth lines and '80s retro electronic bounce, while the more rock & roll-ish "Snake Bite" is built around choppy guitars and driving bass lines. Throughout, the EP is overflowing with catchy hooks, sing along choruses and familiar melodies that will stick with you for hours.

Well rounded and well polished, Hairshirt are definitely a band to keep on your radar this year. Props to Contraphonic for scooping them up.

"Trapper Keepers" MP3

Lover Politician EP