Live - IV Thieves @ Mercury Lounge | NYC

Up until now the only song I was familiar with from IV Thieves was from their brand new single, "You Can't Love What You Don't Understand." Well, let me backtrack just a bit. I was first introduced to their music last year when they were known as Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. Gone are those days of blues-fueled rock & roll. The band shifted gears a bit, now sharing song-writing duties between all four members. I caught their NYC "debut" last night at the Mercury Lounge and absolutely loved it.

I have made it pretty clear that I love British music, which is why I am really digging the band's new sound. The blues has been muffled quite a bit, replaced by huge Noel Gallagher-ish guitars with spot on three-part vocal harmonies. It was sort of like watching Oasis combined with Supergrass, but with a tiny bit of Southern twang. It is an interesting mix of influences, but from the sound of their live show, their upcoming new album is going to kick ass.

One thing that I can definitely say is that they are mighty damn loud. I don't think they had the amps turned to eleven, but they were totally at a solid ten. The new tunes, which will appear on If We Can't Escape My Pretty, sounded quite polished as if they had been playing these songs for years. "The Sound And The Fury" had an almost Beatles flavor to it, as did "The Day Is A Downer," both showcasing amazing dueling vocals between Shane Lawlor (bass) and Glynn Wedgewood (guitar).

"Have Pity" was a brilliant stomper of a rock song, blazing with hot guitar licks and the British swagger of the Rolling Stones. The ladies in the room couldn't help but bop along. Some of the dudes couldn't help but move a bit as well. Even through all of Nic Armstrong's guitar issues, the band kept on rocking to the very end. I've got a feeling that his guitar tech had to sleep in the van last night.

IV Thieves are currently out on the road with the Pretenders, although they do have a few solo dates lined up as well. Click here to check out the dates, as you will totally want to see these guys for yourself. These four lads from Nottingham prove that British rock is alive and kicking. Once you hear them perform "Take This Heart" I've got a feeling you'll agree with me.

Live - IV Thieves @ Mercury Lounge | NYC