Impeccable Blahs

At its center Say Hi To Your Mom is singer/songwriter Eric Elbogen, a New Yorker with a penchant for writing homemade indie synth pop tunes with just enough laptop bloops and blips to make it interesting. Prolific in his creative output, Impeccable Blahs is Elbogen's fourth album since 2002, all of which were released through Euphobia Records, the indie label he created to act as a launch pad for his never ending stream of ideas. Last year, Elbogen enliseted the help of drummer Chris Egan III and ex-Sea Ray (current Long Wave) member Jeff Sheinkopf, creating a more band-like dynamic and pushing the music to the next level. Impeccable Blahs is the second release with this line-up and it finds the band coming into its own.

At first look, the track listing to this album reveals a certain fascination with horror movies and vampires. Tracks like "These Fangs," "She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness" and "The Reigning Champ Of The Teething Crowd" come to mind off the "bat" (ha!). As it turns out, the Vampire suspicions turn out to be true, as the entire album contains multiple references to the undead. Supposedly, its supposed to be somewhat of a commentary on the social vampires that seem to be growing ever more abundant in Elbogen's home town. Luckily, that aspect of the record takes a back seat to overall solid songwriting and groovy, toe-tapping synth pop that seems perfect for any season.

Filled with elegant, brooding computer pop songs, this ten track LP is a mellow and relaxing escape from everyday life that is perfect for fans of Grandaddy, The Postal Service or Earlimart.

Say Hi To Your Mom
"Angels And Darlas" MP3
"Sad, But Endearingly So" MP3
"Snowcones And Puppies" MP3

Impeccable Blahs