Kazaa Coughs Up Some Big Bucks

Another file-sharing outlet has bitten the bullet and settled with the entertainment industry regarding some hefty lawsuits. According to the AP, Sharman Networks Ltd. has agreed to pay more than $115 million to settle with a very unhappy group of folks in the entertainment biz. Global piracy lawsuits are a nasty thing, which has ended up costing the makers of Kazaa a huge chunk of change.

The company has also promised to change Kazaa up quite a bit, building ways to discourage piracy into the software. This also includes their Fast Track file-sharing network, which will now be going legit as well. The company will begin seeking out licenses with entertainment companies.

In an attempt to put a positive spin on this turn of events, chief executive Nikki Hemming said: "This settlement ensures that we will be working together with the content providers to the benefit of consumers, businesses and artists."

So, if your quest for illegal tunes and, uh hem... movies... has gotten a bit more challenging as of late, this is why.

Kazaa Coughs Up Some Big Bucks