BT's Multimedia Extravaganza

I was first introduced to BT's unique form of melodic electronic/dance music when he first released his amazing album, Movement In Still Life. I can still remember driving back from lunch with one of my former radio co-workers, Dallas' very own Jeff K (r.i.p. EdgeClub and SubMerge) had the import copy of the album, which we ended up listening to from start to finish in our office's parking garage. I never got completely immersed in dance culture, but I totally dug that album.

His latest project, a CD/DVD combination titled This Binary Universe, may be released as early as August 29. According to Billboard, it will feature seven compositions that are accompanied with animation. To find filmmakers to assist with this project, he reached out via various online sources, including Craigslist.

As if creating a new album with film accompaniment wasn't challenging enough, his ideas for taking the project on the road is even more ambitious. Right now he plans on setting up screenings for This Binary Universe in 12 major market theaters. After that, he intends to perform the album live in symphonic halls across the US. The performances could range from ninety minutes to nearly three hours! Even for music fans who may not be down with glow sticks and getting their rave on, BT is always worth giving a listen.

This Binary Universe
01. "All That Makes Us Human Continues"
02. "Dynamic Symmetry"
03. "The Internal Locus"
04. "1.618"
05. "See You On The Other Side"
06. "The Antikythera Mechanism"
07. "Good Morning Kala"

This Binary Universe Trailer

BT's Multimedia Extravaganza