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00:00:02    Does It Offend You, Yeah? "We Are Rockstars" (unsigned)
00:03:50    break one
00:07:10    Bridges And Powerlines "Carmen" (unsigned)
00:10:20    Tin Bangs "He's So Pretty" (Constant Crush)
00:12:53    Mezzanine Owls "We Don't" (unsigned)
00:15:39    The Satin Peaches "Let's Talk About It In The Rain" (unsigned)
00:18:31    break two
00:21:05    The Golden Age "Dirty Bird" (Red Recordings)
00:24:21    The Never "Cavity" (Trekky Records)
00:26:59    Princeton "The Red Sweater" (unsigned)
00:30:31    Skybox "Various Kitchen Utensils" (Big Red Balloon)
00:33:14    break three
00:36:23    Sol Seppy "Come Running" (Gronland)
00:39:45    Augustana "Wasteland" (live in-studio)
00:43:35    break four
00:47:36    Augustana "Stars And Boulevards" (live in-studio)
00:51:50    break five
00:58:56    Augustana "Either Way" (live in-studio)
01:03:30    break six
01:09:07    Augustana "Boston" (live in-studio)

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