A Case Of The Emperor's Clothes

Princeton is Jesse Kivel, Matt Kivel, and Ben Usen. Jesse and Matt are twin brothers and all three are from LA. They recorded a seven-song EP entitled A Case Of The Emperor's Clothes while at university in London using only one microphone, one acoustic guitar, a cheap keyboard, one egg shaker and their respective vocal chords. Even with this rudimentary set up, the EP is filled with great songs that highlight these youngsters' penchant for writing pop-inspired, harmony-filled, feel-good tunes. The song structure and melodies are surprisingly mature for a group of kids that look more likely to be spotted buying acne cream than cigarettes.

Lead off track "The Indifference Curve" begins with a slow piano intro and melancholy vocals before jumping into an upbeat, pop-inspired sing-a-long complete with hand claps. catchy as hell chorus and perfect three-part harmonies. This track sets the tone for the rest of the EP, as subsequent offerings like "Tokyo, Japan," "Two Hands," and "The Red Sweater" follow a similar formula.

Judging from this band's MySpace page, they have yet to develop a "look," but what they HAVE clearly developed is a keen songwriting prowess and ability to blend thoughtful lyrics with hook-laden melodies (two things that seem to routinely occur in the reverse order these days). In other words, these kids already have "the songs" to take them to the next level. With a little coaching and someone with intelligence in their corner to help shape their career early on, I have no doubt that Princeton will be well on their way to becoming a household name in 2007.

"The Indifference Curve" MP3

A Case Of The Emperor's Clothes