Will We Ever Get A Third Portishead Album?

I need to stop record shopping after I drink. For some reason, booze is a catalyst for inspiring me to buy music that, although I really want, I totally can't afford. This happened to me last week after enjoying a few margaritas with some friends. We were one block away from the Union Square Virgin Mega Store, and I had an itch for some new 7" singles. I didn't stop with just vinyl, as I also finally picked up Portishead's Roseland New York Live DVD. Holy shit do I love that band.

This inspired me to check their MySpace page, which has occasionally featured some news tidbits on the progress of their upcoming third LP. Unfortunately, things are moving a tad bit slow on the follow-up to '97s self-titled album.

In a message, Geoff Barrow posted:
"we've got stuck
just a few more months and we can really go at it
working every day ...on this fuker
its really hard not to sound like your doing a bad impression of yourself"

As for collaborating with any hotshot producers, such as Danger Mouse, Barrow immediately shot that down. He said: "I'd rather poo in my mum's Sunday roast than have Danger Mouse produce a Portishead record. No offence."

I think I'll pass on poo roast, thanks.

Will We Ever Get A Third Portishead Album?