Basement Jaxx Preview New Tunes

We previously reported that the awesomeness of Basement Jaxx is returning with a brand spankin' new album, Crazy Itch Radio, out on September 12 via XL Recordings. They are giving us a sneak peek at two of the new jams off the album, and hot damn are they great! You can hit up MySpace to check out "Hush Boy" and "Hey U." Their feel-good dance tracks sound just as hot as they did back in '99 on their debut LP, Remedy. These tunes should send easily transform your cubical into a booty-shakin' night club in mere seconds!

Get your dance on over at their MySpace page:

Crazy Itch Radio

01. "Intro"

02. "Hush Boy"

03. "Zoomalude"

04. "Take Me Back To Your House"

05. "Hey U"

06. "On The Train"

07. "Run 4 Cover"

08. "Skillalude"

09. "Smoke Bubbles"

10. "Lights Go Down"

11. "Intro Reprise"

12. "Everybody"

13. "Keep Keep On"

14. "U R On My Mind"

Basement Jaxx Preview New Tunes