Gallery: Lollapalooza 2006

The three-day rock fest known as Lollapalooza invaded Chicago last weekend, treating all sorts of music fans to all sorts of music. From Ben Kweller to Ween, Broken Social Scene to Kanye West, the festival offered a little bit of something for everyone. It was a zillion times better than last year, despite the sheer size of the thing (it was a twenty minute hike from the stage at the South end to the stage at the North end). It was well organized, well run, well put together and it was far and away the best festival in Chicago this summer (something I couldn't say after last year's bout with Pitchfork's Intonation festival).

Personal highlights were as follows (in no particular order):

-Ryan Adams going 20 minutes over his allotted set time due to extensive "jamming"

-Jeff Tweedy's outfit, complete with Bob Dylan's 49th Beard

-the Festival Express... walking is for suckers.

-Vitamin Water and Tito's vodka

-Of Montreal's outfits (and their killer set)

-Buckingham Fountain

-Overzealous Wolfmother fans

-Andrew Bird

-Jeremy Enigk

-The Flaming Lips' eccentricity

-Smart Water

-Everyone and their mom saying that Jared Leto's band sucks.

-Jared Leto saying "fuck" 10,231 times while on stage (literally... I counted)

-Lady Sov stealing a golf cart

-The totally square security guard dancing to Hot Chip in the photo pit

-Office's Sunday AM set in the rain

-Patti Smith singing an intense, politically charged song at the Kids' tent

-The various people who said "HE was awesome" when I asked how Gnarls Barkley's set was

-Wearing the same stupid plastic bracelet for three days

-Surprisingly clean port-a-potties

-Having my nice new camera totally dwarfed by real photographers with 10 foot long telephoto lenses.


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Gallery: Lollapalooza 2006