VICE Guide To Travel DVD

Those crazy muthaf*ckers at VICE have devised a master plan to expand their global media reach. According to an inside source, by 2007 the VICE name will be attached to magazines, records, books, toys DVDs and babies... lots of babies. I dunno dude... That's what they said. Doesn't sound legal if you ask me, but I wouldn't put anything past those guys.

VICE will kick off their newfound media conglomeracy on October 3 with the release of the VICE Guide To Travel DVD. VICE founders, writers, David Cross, Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville were sent all around the world to beautiful travel destinations like Lebanon, Pakistan, Bulgaria, the Congo and more to report on such topics as PLO Boy Scouts sponsored by Hazbollah, the inner workings of illegal gun markets, the guy who sold bombs to Bin Laden, hunting dinosaurs and all sorts of other crazy shit. Looks pretty entertaining. You can watch a trailer below.

VICE Guide To Travel DVD trailer

As you might expect, there's also a pretty sweet sound track. Keep reading.

"Pilgrim" - Jukeboxer

"I Don't Want To Go Out" - Averkiou

"Soma" - 5ive

"Frantic" - The Lovely Feathers
"Blood on our Hands (Justice Remix)" - Death From Above 1979
"Walk of Shame" - Panthers
"We're the Only Ghosts Here" - Tarentel

"Bhanghall" - DJ Rekha and Dave Sharma
"In My Mind" - the Black Lips

"Sexy Results" - Death From Above 1979
"Wish I Did the Same" - the Mitchell Brothers

"If You Were Young Once, Rage" - Panthers
"Tanhaus" - Wahner

"Since You Were Gone" - Chromeo
"Role Theme" - Bonde Do Role

"Gasolina" - Bonde Do Role
"Mini Game" - Bonde Do Role

"Cat Song" - Damien Done

"Black History Month (Josh Homme Remix)" - Death From Above 1979

"Little Girl" - Death From Above 1979

VICE Guide To Travel DVD