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00:00:02    The Changes "Modern Love" (Drama Club)
00:03:23    break one
00:05:14    La Rocca "Goodnight" (Dangerbird)
00:09:53    Kaki King "Yellowcake" (Velour)
00:12:37    The Beekeeper Summit "The Last Day" (unsigned)
00:17:10    Jim Noir "In The Key Of C" (Barsuk)
00:20:29    Sebadoh "The Freed Pig" (Domino)
00:23:27    break two
00:27:34    The Changes "Water Of The Gods" (Drama Club)
00:29:50    Ra Ra Riot "Can You Tell" (unsigned)
00:32:55    Sea Wolf "Black Dirt" (unsigned)
00:36:26    Say Hi To Your Mom "Blah Blah Blah" (Euphobia)
00:39:50    break three
00:41:58    The Modes "Can't Deny" (unsigned)
00:45:10    Aberdeen City "Sixty-Lives" (Columbia)
00:49:06    South Street "Call In The Debts" (unsigned)
00:52:19    Lola Ray "Great Divide" (Benevolent/RED Ink)
00:56:15    break four
01:00:47    The Changes "Sisters" (Drama Club)

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