Tripwire: In Case You Missed It

-R.I.P. Tony and Arthur.

-New reviews for Forget Cassettes, Chad Rex And The Victorstands and Princeton.

-Who doesn't like a little green every now and again, eh?

-Win tickets to see SSPU and download some stuff of theirs too.

-Them's fightin' words.

-Live show reviews for Silversun Pickups, Margot And The Nuclear So And So's, Lollapalooza part one, Lollapalooza part two and Lollapalooza part three.

-They're back.

-New info for Swan Lake, Matt Friedberger, Basement Jaxx, VICE, Cassettes Won't Listen, Walter Meego, Placebo and Van She.

-"The people who can really benefit from our songs are the girls in middle America and the only way you can really get through to them is TV."

-Johnny Marr is so modest.

-Updated tour information from Secret Machines, The Hourly Radio, DJ Shadow, Aberdeen City, Architecture In Helsinki, Kaki King, Flosstradamus and Joseph Arthur.

-This should shed some light on the subject.

-Peace out!

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Tripwire: In Case You Missed It