Weekly Web Round Up

Each week we scour the web to find the best music, news, videos and other radom interesting or funny stuff. If you come across something you think should be included, just shoot me an email with the link to whatever it is you think is awesome. Shout outs will be given.

-New Aziz Ansari sketch tackling the dos and don'ts of breaking an indie band on Stereogum.

-Ariel Pink and Matt Fishbeck are HOLY SHIT and you can download their song "Written All Over Your Face" on Skatterbrain. It's good.

-iPod Cellphone! Engadget says Steve Jobs is tellin' all his friends about it.

-Download a new Walter Meego single "Romantic" (AND the Flosstradamus remix) from, uh... us!

-New Ryan Adams MP3 available on his website.

-These two movies look good: Brothers Of The Head | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-Dinosaur Jr. @ Lollapalooza 1993 live set available for download on rbally.

-Download "Hang On Girl" from new Vice band Favorite Sons. You can check out an e-card here too.

-A great track, "Tears Coming Home," by Sebastian Schuller is available for download on Music (For Robots).

Weekly Web Round Up