Live - Silversun Pickups, Page France @ Schubas | CHI

Schubas was the place to be this weekend in Chicago. After hosting buzz band Scissors For Lefty and ex-Libertine explosion The Dirty Pretty Things on Friday, the cozy Northside venue invited indie folk pop youngsters Page France and the incredible, amazing, fantastic Silversun Pickups to perform. It's no secret that The Tripwire is a big fan of SSPU (just do a search for them and see the 10,000 posts we've done over the past year and a half), so it only made sense that we'd team up with our party-throwing friends The New New to bring the band to town for their first-ever headlining Chicago gig.

Baltimore-based indie quartet Page France kicked things off shortly after 8pm. The room was still filling up when lead singer/songwriter & frontman Michael Nau broke into "Chariot," the opening track from the band's soon-to-be-re-released sophomore album, Hello, Dear Wind. The album was initially self-released last year, and I was actually kind of bummed that nothing seemed to be happening for this band at the time. Luckily, the good folks at Suicide Squeeze heard something special in the recordings as well and will be re-issuing the full album on September 12.

Live, Nau is backed by long time friends Whitney McGraw, Clinton Jones and Jason Reeder, but it's clear who the leader of this pack is, as his partners in crime routinely find themselves without anything to do throughout the set. The band ran though a good deal of songs from Hello, Dear Wind during their 45 minute set, including "Dogs," "Jesus," and "Junkyard." They proved to be a nice warm up to the long-awaited main event.

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Silversun Pickups are no freaking joke, kids. These four individuals are the new face of rock & roll... at least they WILL be! Combining all that is great about early '90s rock & roll with a completely modern indie rock aesthetic, Silversun Pickups gave the warm Chicago Sunday night a big kick in the ass last night. They downed drinks on stage. They plowed through the majority of their FANTASTIC debut album, Carnavas, bantered with the crowd and performed like season vets. They seemed to raise the level of intensity with every song and reminded me just how many GREAT songs they have... not just good... GREAT... F-ING... SONGS.

"Melatonin," "Well Thought Out Twinkles," "Little Lovers," "Kissing Families," etc. etc. These songs absolutely killed. The crowd was loving every second too. The dude-heavy audience was filled with "fist pumping" rock fans and more than a few kids could be spotted singing along (myself included). God bless The Silversun Pickups. They turned a typical boring Sunday night into a 3am banger that ended with a small deep dish from Chicago Pizza in hopes of staving off a hang over. It almost worked too.

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Live - Silversun Pickups, Page France @ Schubas | CHI