Beck Offers Up New Album Tracklisting

Last week we hooked you up with a sneak preview of Beck's upcoming new album, The Information, through a montage of several video clips. If you missed that, click here to check it out. C'mon... you don't want to miss rapping bears and ninjas, do ya? The Nigel Godrich produced new record is slated to hit stores in the US on October 3, which is rumored to come with a DVD containing videos for every track on the album. The Beckmeister's official website now contains the tracklisting for The Information, which you can peep below.

The Information
01. "Elevator Music"
02. "Think I'm In Love"
03. "Cell Phone's Dead"
04. "Nausea"
05. "Soldier Jane"
06. "Strange Apparition"
07. "Dark Star"
08. "Movie Theme"
09. "We Dance Alone"
10. "No Complaints"
11. "1000 BPM"
12. "Motorcade"
13. "The Information"
14. "New Round"
15. "Horrible Fanfafe/Landslide/Exoskeleton"

Beck Offers Up New Album Tracklisting