Recycle Your Record Collection

Does It Offend You, Yeah? (said in a British accent). That's not actually a question at all. It is, however, the name of a pair of electronic music makers from the UK, though if you look at the anime porn image they use as their home page photo on myspace, your immediate answer might be "yes! I am quite offended actually." In fact, as these guys are unsigned and don't have a proper website (much less a proper release), DIOYY?'s MySpace page is going to play a large role in this review, especially since that's the location where you will head to download their Recycle Your Record Collection mix.

Here's what MySpace tells us. Does It Offend You, Yeah? Are "two blokes... not gay, with various computers and old synths." They are unsigned. Their influences are 1978-2006 music and an old Roland beat machine. According to themselves they sound like "Daft Punk, Sex Pistols, Justice, Mr. Oizo, Alter Ego, The Prodigy when they were good, Basement Jaxx, an electro version of Bloc Party, an arcade machine thrown into a lake, and a ZX Spectrum in a prison shower block."

As funny as that sounds (especially the Prodigy dig), it's not too far from the truth. Does It Offend You, Yeah? make music for the hipster party kids who stay out all night on a Tuesday and heckle the squares in suits for having jobs as they stumble home at 8am Wednesday morning. Of the four songs they have available for download on their MySpace page, there isn't a sleeper in the bunch. Their original songs, which include "Weird Science," "Se7en," "Battle Royale," and my personal favorite, "We Are Rockstars," will ALL fill the dancefloor with the quickness. The hot party DJs in Chicago have already started making "We Are Rockstars" a staple in their sets, as the dirty, driving bassline is dripping with sex... dirty, dirty porn star sex. And really, isn't that what everyone's looking for when they're shaking their drunk ass at a club at 2am amongst a sweaty, make out crazed mass of sexy (smelly) scensters?

Recycle Your Record Collection is a 32 minute mix tape put together by the non-gay boys of Does It Offend You, Yeah? and it works simultaneously as both a kind of introduction to the group and a sneak peak into the bangin' parties they throw in their native land. It kicks off with a somewhat freaky introduction where a female computer voice gives the listener some life advice atop a bed of acoustic guitar and swirling electronics. It's a bit mellow... but then it's non stop fun from there on out, with tracks from Myoko ("All Night Long"), Whitey ("Wrap It Up"), and a mash up of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps" with Daft Punk's "Around The World," to name a few. DIOYY?, of course, toss their own tracks into the mix for good measure, and those prove to be some of the best on the mix.

Go download the whole thing on their MySpace page and get ready for them to make their way to a club (or loft) near you. Expect to see our pal Steve Aoki, the Last Nights Party guy, The Cobrasnake, and a bunch of hot chicks making out with each other at Does It Offend You, Yeah?'s NYC or LA gigs (whenever that may be).

"We Are Rockstars" MP3


Recycle Your Record Collection