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I've been hearing plenty about Austin's The Lovely Sparrows from friends of mine back at home. The band's folky pop songs are warm and organic, with just enough southern twang to put that Texas stamp on their sound. The band's only release up until now was a self-released 7" single, "Take Your Hats Off, You Godless Bastards." Hey Sparrows... I'd love a copy if you happen to have any left!

The band is now set to release their debut EP, Pulling Up Floors, Pouring On (New) Paint, which will be released on October 10 via Abandoned Love Records. To get a sample of what The Lovely Sparrows are all about, here is a free MP3 download of their song "Chemicals Change." Enjoy!

"Chemicals Change" MP3

The Lovely Sparrows

Abandoned Love Records

Download - The Lovely Sparrows