Live - Cansei De Ser Sexi @ Cooper Building | LA

After a couple venue changes, last minute MySpace-ing and a few frantic phone calls I confirmed the change of venue to the ever-fashionable Cooper Building. The fashion loft space is not notably known for their live shows, unless those shows include the likes of sample sales and runway shows. After a ten dollar parking assessment, waiting in multiple lines, and one elevator ride later we were finally in - a fancy take on the Downtown LA loft party; only this loft was overlooking LA's skyline.

The sound could have been better... for some of CSS's set the sound was so unclear due to the bass echoing that it was difficult to hear a certain parts of certain songs, but just when my pretenses are front and center, I look up and see a little bolt of lighting dancing around on stage, crawling on the ground and at one point coming close to knocking down the stage lighting. Lovefoxxx, wearing spandexxx leggings in part rainbow bright meets cheetah print with a Subhumans tattered shirt takes front and center, flirting right back at the cameras. The unpolished demeanor of the group parallels the unpolished dancing in the front row and all of a sudden it makes sense, it's pop, it's pretty and it's Brazilian. The fun ballads, the odes to popular culture and recently dismantled bands makes this band fun and lighthearted. As the night progressed so did the volume, the echoes and the chaos.

Lovefoxxx eventually ascended onto a 6' speaker while the crowd nervously danced as the security threatened to pull the plug on the show if she did not come down. There were about 30 seconds of empty threats and an attempt at plug pulling before she finally came down and started laughing with bandmates. Their back and forth disinterested swaying reminded me of a Robert Palmer video, just think lo-fi rather than overdone '80s manes and makeup.

"Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" was above all the crowd pleaser. The Halloween like intro sent the crowd into communal glee, hopping up and down as the typical crowd pleasing hipster celebrity photographers gravitated towards the band and away from the crowd this time. Although a large portion of the synthesized sound was not played live, the stage antics and the charisma of the band made up for it. What's better than five Brazillian girls in a band?... having one guy as your drummer.

by Alex Arciniega

Live - Cansei De Ser Sexi @ Cooper Building | LA