Tonight In NYC - Tin Bangs

Looking for some great live music in NYC tonight? Our tip is to head over to The Annex to catch Toronto's Tin Bangs. This Canadian quartet will be joining such great bands as the Hourly Radio and Aberdeen City, so this is a sure fire way to get your fill of quality rock this evening.

Although we are mighty familiar with most of the other bands on the bill tonight, Tin Bangs was brought to our attention earlier this week. They cite the Pixies, Joy Division, The Who and Interpol as their influences, but you can come to your own conclusions on that by sampling a few free MP3s from their MySpace page. To make it even easier, you can download "He's So Pretty" below. We'll see you at the Annex tonight!

"He's So Pretty" MP3

Tin Bangs
Tin Bangs on MySpace

Tonight In NYC - Tin Bangs