Weekly Web Roundup

-Yacht Rock: Learn the inside scoop on the mythical origins of Yacht Rock (and laugh your ass off). Thank god for Channel 101.

-Kelly Clarkson joins infamous Sunset Strip hair band Metal Skool on stage, drinks whiskey, sings GnR and shows her tits. Watch it here (and just kidding about the tits).

-Grizzly Bear remix of Of Montreal's "I Was A Landscape In Your Dream" on Skatterbrain.

-Google Maps + Claude Lelouch's 1978 10 minute film C'etait un Rendezvous. Not a bad watch. Basically, a camera is mounted to the front of a Ferrari as it races through the streets of Paris at 100 miles an hour. Google Maps tracks the route in real time... kinda. Watch it here (thanks to Panopticist for the heads up).

-Kaki King new video for "Yellowcake"

-New Jet video. Remember them?....kinda?

-New Ghostface tune, available only in new video game, Saints Row.

-Cocaine-penned article in The Onion is definitely worth a read.

Weekly Web Roundup