Band To Watch - The Silent Years

I first came across Detroit's The Silent Years when my Hassle buddy Sophie sent me some demos of an unsigned band she was "helping" way back in January. There were about six or seven tracks. A couple of them were great. Most of them were good - pretty straightforward, melodic indie pop music with a main stream appeal, but it didn't really make me leap out of my skin or anything. In fact, I only listened to the demos two or three times and then put it to rest, making a mental note that I needed to keep my eye on these guys.

My chance came at SXSW when I found myself with an hour to kill between shows. Sophie dragged me to one of the smaller clubs to see the Silent Years and even though I wasn't really that into it, I decided to humor her. Damn if I wasn't super impressed. This band was one of my favorite finds from SXSW this year. Though I hadn't spent much time with their demos, I found myself humming along to every melody and even singing some lyrics here and there. The slightly flat demos sprang to life in the live setting and singer Josh Epstein's vocals were even more crisp and powerful and gorgeous in real life.

This band of good looking, young Motor City kids had great energy, great songs, and seemed to be having the time of their lives. That performance completely won me over and I spent the rest of my time in Austin telling as many people as possible about The Silent Years.

Since SXSW, the band has inked a deal with a small Twin Cities, MN-based indie label called No Alternative Records and recorded their debut full-length album. They're now gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut (October 24) and plotting a supporting fall tour that will take them clear across the country, including dates in NYC, Chicago, and LA.

I've posted two MP3s from the album below, so give them a listen while you peruse the tour dates. More dates to be announced shortly.

"No Secrets"

08.23.06 - Detroit, MI (5th Avenue Comerica Park)
08.26.06 - Detroit, MI (Detroit Summer Smash)
09.07.06 - Ferndale, MI (Gracie's Ferndale)

09.08.06 - Albion, MI (Albion College Coffeehouse)
09.13.06 - Cleveland, OH (Pirate's Cove)

09.22.06 - New York, NY (Pianos)

09.23.06 - New York, NY (The Annex)
09.27.06 - Boston, MA (Harper's Ferry)
10.01.06 - Montreal, QC (The Green Room)
10.05.06 - Chicago, IL (The Subterranean)
11.09.06 - Norfolk, VA (Relative Theory Records)
11.12.06 - Asheville, NC (The Grey Eagle)
11.14.06 - St. Louis, MO (Cicero's)

11.30.06 - Los Angeles, CA (The Echo)

The Silent Years
No Alernative Records

Band To Watch - The Silent Years