Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About South

Fans of South should mark down October 10 on their calendars. On that day the band will be releasing a limited edition DVD/CD package that will contain live concert footage from their recent tour with Margot & The Nuclear So And So's. The DVD will also have info on behind the scenes, three acoustic tunes from Virgin Digital Radio, an iTunes session, music videos and a whole slew of other goodies. The CD portion also has two brand new songs, "Something & Nothing" and "Autumn Morning."

Below are the track listings and a sample of the Peter Hook approved "Bizarre Love Triangle," which will be on the DVD and features both bands playing together. When people asked Hooky what he thought of the cover he stated, "Sounds like an electronic Stockholm Monsters...interesting! But it's no wonder they're called South 'cause they're a bunch of Jessie's for keeping the bass off!" Not too shabby considering this guy typically doesn't like much.

If that's not enough, the band is coming back to the States in October for a few shows with The Strokes. Peep those dates below as well. If you don't see your city listed then fear not, rumor has it that the guys will have some headline dates of their own to be announced soon.

"Bizarre Love Triangle":

South DVD:
01. "Up Close & Personal"

02. "Same Old Story"

03. "Motiveless Crime"

04. "A Place In Displacement"

05. "Loosen Your Hold"

06. "I Know What You're Like"

07. "Safety In Numbers"

08. "Shallow"

09. "Paint the Silence"

10. "Flesh and Bone"

11. "Keep Close"

12. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
South CD:
01. "Safety In Numbers"
02. "Something and Nothing"
03. "Autumn Morning"
04. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
05. "Paint the Silence"
06. "You Are One"
07. "Loosen Your Hold"
08. "I Know What You're Like"
09. "Keep Close"
10. "Shallow"
11. "A Place In Displacement"
12. "Up Close & Personal"
13. "Colours & Waves"

South On Tour:
10.01.06 - Kansas City, MO (Memorial Hall w/ The Strokes)
10.02.06 - Muncie, IN (Emens Auditorium at Ball State U w/ The Strokes)
10.04.06 - Columbus, OH (LC Pavilion w/ The Strokes)
10.06.06 - Albany, NY (The Washington Avenue Armory w/ The Strokes)
10.08.06 - Hampton Beach, NH (Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom w/ The Strokes)
10.09.06 - Providence, RI (Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel w/ The Strokes)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About South