Basement Jaxx Album Now Streaming

As we get closer and closer to the September 12 release date of Basement Jaxx's new album, Crazy Itch Radio, the dance duo have now launched their brand new website. We can listen to album tracks along with an interview on the album site - That site also has a link to the Crazy Itch Cast, the official Basement Jaxx podcast.

If you'd rather hear the new album in its entirety, the cool peeps at XL Recordings have Crazy Itch Radio streaming on the Basement Jaxx MySpace page. The record is stylistically all over the place, and as expected, it rules! Nobody does it like the Jaxx. Get your dance on at the following links:

MySpace page - album stream
Crazy Itch Radio website - streaming audio, interview and podcast
Official website

Basement Jaxx Album Now Streaming