Soft Machine

Teddybears are three musical mad scientists from Stockholm who are about to take the world by storm with their album, Soft Machine. These gigantic bear head wearing musicians have mashed together just about every genre on the planet, resulting in one of the most enjoyably diverse pop records you'll ever hear. They successfully toss everything from rock and reggae to hip-hip and electronica together in a blender, serving up a milkshake of awesome.

What Teddybears have done is created an album that sounds like a mixtape you'd piece together for a trip or a friend. A little rock here, a little pop here, with some hip-hop in there for extra flavor. While the album lacks any stylistic consistency, their randomness is actually what makes ,Soft Machine so appealing. In a world of music ADD, keeping our iTunes on shuffle for constant variety, they have given us a record that keeps us interested from start to finish.

The first real track has the rockin' dance flavor of the Chemical Brothers, which will easily send any dancefloor of indie rock kids into a frenzy. Up next is "Cobrastyle," which features guest vocals from Mad Cobra. This particular song has the potential to be that one song you end up hearing everywhere, from radio airplay to commercials to movies and TV shows. In fact, I just realized that I first heard this one on a recent episode of Entourage. It is catchy as shit, whether you like it or not!

"Yours To Keep" is a much more straight ahead pop-rock song, with Nenah Cherry providing the vocals. After zipping through some reggae on "Are You Feeling It" and disco on "Black Belt," things get really interesting with "Punkrocker." It almost reminds me of a much more electro Shout Out Louds, made even cooler with a guest appearance by the one and only Iggy Pop.

An album with this many twists is bound to make a few wrong turns now and then, but for the most part Teddybears give us a fun pop record to bop along with. It isn't a cerebral album, but pop music isn't rocket science. Just roll your windows down and enjoy some Swedish good times.


Soft Machine