Metric, Jim Noir, More On Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

Oh... McDreamy... Will you ever stop toying with Meredith's heartstrings? Boy Wonder/Chris O'donell is totally great for her on so many levels, yet you keep pulling her back to you. OMG, I just can't take it anymore! When the hell is Grey's Anatomy going to return to the airwaves? Are Burke and Christina going to make it? The suspense is killing me...

Do the comments above sound familiar? Of course they do...

Last night, my friend "Thacker" (it's his last name, but that's what everyone calls him) and his wife invited me over for dinner. Typically, when the Thackers have me over for dinner, they request that in lieu of a bottle of wine ("they're" preggers), I bring over some music. You know, a CD or two from some new band they've been hearing about... like the Shins (two weeks ago) or this Ray LaMontagne that everyone's talking about. Two days ago, Ericka (the wife) emailed to ask if I had ever heard of Snow Patrol and asked whether or not I had the song, "Chasing Cars." She said she heard it on the radio and she really liked it. At dinner she revealed that when she heard the song on the radio, she broke into tears... literally.

Cuz she's pregnant?
She just lost a puppy and the words "chasing cars" bring back bad memories?

Wrong again.

Ericka, like millions of other women (and men) in the 15-50 year old demographic (lets face it, it's totally the new Desperate Housewives and everyone watches it), will always hold a special place in her heart for that song... and likely, more than a few other songs from the show too.

That's when it struck me... the true genius of these TV-show soundtrack albums. Here and there, more and more, the networks are licensing some great music. The Garden State and The OC soundtracks showed us that there's a substantial market for this indie rock shit we all love and that if introduced in the right way, it can truly make a deep impact into main stream America... well... not quite Oprah mainstream, but you know what I'm saying.

Ericka is like millions of people out there... in their mid 20s/late 30s who have a job, a wife, maybe a kid, who have loved music their whole lives, but who just don't have the time to sit around listening to albums and reading blogs all day and going to shows every night. They just want to hear some new, cool stuff and they don't want to have to work for it. They have good taste, just not the time or energy to track down the latest shit on their own.

These "hip" soundtrack albums are selling. They might not be selling like Now This Is What I Call Shitty Music, Volume 123, but it's showing that there is an ever-growing market for music with a little more intelligence, compassion, "soul", or whatever you want to call it, and that bands can use these as a stepping stone to help achieve a high level of national exposure, a major label deal, a TV commercial (Jose Gonzalez), and/or a whole host of other great opportunities.

You're in a band? Write a song describing the way it feels inside when you fall in love with a patient and risk everything to save his life, only to wind up cuddling in the fetal position atop his cold, dead corpse, and you are going straight to #1 baby!

Seriously though, check out this track listing. It's pretty damn good - Metric, Jim Noir, The Chalets even! This CD is going to sell and it's going to turn millions of Erickas onto a bunch of really great bands.

So... kudos to the music supervisor of this venture. Keep it up. And bands...

Just write one emotionally-charged "I'm sad because the woman I love just started crying while we were having sex" song and you are totally freaking set.

Grey's Anatomy: Volume 2 Track Listing:

The Fray - "How To Save A Life"

Moonbabies - "War On Sound"
Jim Noir - "I Me You I'm Your"
Ursula 1000 - "Kaboom!"

Anya Marina - "Miss Halfway"

Jamie Lidell - "Multiply"
KT Tunstall - "Universe & U" (acoustic version)

Metric - "Monster Hospital"

Gomez - "How We Operate"
Kate Havnevik - "Grace"

The Chalets - "Sexy Mistake"
Gran Bel Fisher - "Bound By Love"

Get Set Go - "I Hate Everyone"

Foy Vance - "Homebird"

Snow Patrol - "Chasing Cars" (previously unreleased live acoustic version)

PS: that "previously unreleased live acoustic version" shit is great. Now Ericka HAS to buy the album. You KNOW that acoustic session is just dripping with emotion.

Metric, Jim Noir, More On Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack