Say Hi To Your Mom Seeks Female Vocalist

Brooklyn-based indie trio Say Hi To Your Mom's new album, Impeccable Blahs, is one of my favorites of the year. It's intelligent, catchy, cool, well produced and just all around an awesome anytime listen. The band is now back at home taking a little rest after an extensive summer tour of North America and they've decided that they need a female vocalist.

They blasted out a MySpace bulletin recently with all the details. I've included it below, so if you're a girl, can sing, can play some sort of rudimentary percussion instrument like tambourine or cowbell, and can take weeks at a time off from your day job, then get your ass in gear and join this band. They rule.


We're looking for a female singer of the indie-rock variety for harmonies and various other musical duties: definitely some percussion (guitars and/or keyboards would be great, but aren't necessary). This band tours a lot, so kindly don't apply if you definitely can't or won't leave your day job for 4 or 5 weeks at a time (there is some money involved, enough to survive comfortably on tour, but nothing you're gonna be able to leave to your grandkids). At the very least, were looking for someone who can commit to a 5 week national tour starting in early October. Eventually we'd like you to sing / play on some recordings too. Stylistically, think less American Idol / soul vocals, more Mirah, early Liz Phair, Emily Haines, Viva Voce, etc ... Please send links to recordings and pictures of yourself (preferably on stage) to A Myspace link will be sufficient too. You can take a listen to our songs, see the type of venues we play and find out more about what we do at:

You can check out some tunes here too:

"Angels And Darlas" MP3
"Sad, But Endearingly So" MP3
"Snowcones And Puppies" MP3

Lastly, our friends over at SomethingGlorious just posted an interview with Say Hi To Your Mom main man Eric Elbogen. Check it out here.

Say Hi To Your Mom Seeks Female Vocalist