Portishead Works On Short Film And Side Project

Portishead has been popping back up in the news lately as they continue to work on their third LP. As one of my favorite groups of all time, I have been keeping a close eye on their MySpace page, which has been much more active over the past couple of months. When Geoff Barrow isn't busy taking stabs at currently popular producers or venting about the frustrations of recording an album that doesn't sound like a "bad impression" of their previous work, he has been giving us a few sneak peeks at the new material.

We posted the MP3 for their new song "Key Bored 299 03" back in June. They now also have the song "Greek Jam" streaming on their MySpace page, which doesn't really sound like much as of yet.

The only other tidbit of news regarding Portishead that has popped up is that Barrow posted a brief note about a short film the band is currently working on. Portishead is partnering up with filmmaker John Minton to work on "a short film for the record company." Hmmmmm.

In somewhat related news, Geoff Barrow has been working on another project called Crippled Black Phoenix. Play Louder reports that he has joined up with Dominic Aitchison of Mogwai, Justin Graves of Electric Wizard, Joe Volk of Gonga and Nial McGaguhey of 3D House Of Beef. The group will release their debut later this year on Barrow's label, Invada Records.

"Key Bored 299 03" MP3
Portishead - MySpace
Crippled Black Phoenix - MySpace

Portishead Works On Short Film And Side Project