Download New Music From Stolen Transmission

As we all know by now, Stolen Transmission is a semi-new record label formed by Rob Stevenson and Ultragrrrl that claims it is, and I quote, "a trendsetting new record label and on line community built for a new generation of music thirsty kids. Combining the back-end resources of [a] 'major label' and the DIY ethics and ambition of an indie label, Stolen Transmission offers its bands and fans the best of both worlds. Our aim is to not only discover, develop and showcase the most promising artists in the country but to also build a truly supportive, creative and (most importantly) fun community around this label and our bands."

That being said, the Stolen Transmission gang has two new bands on their ever-growing roster. The September 26 release being from The Oohlas, a group that summons the '90s alt-rock gods; and the October 24 date being reserved for Bright Light Fever, who possess more of a dirty rock and roll sound.

Oh, and here's a bit of trivia for ya. The dude that is in The Oohlas was originally in Everclear. Interesting. Check out the free downloads from both bands below and come to your own conclusions.
The Oohlas - "Gone" MP3
Bright Light Fever - "Broken Hands" MP3

Download New Music From Stolen Transmission