Y-Rock On XPN Launches Tonight

Tonight marks the night that many fans of Y100 have been waiting for to happen; Y-Rock on XPN will launch live on WXPN (88.5 in Philadelphia). If you aren't in the 'illadeph, don't worry. You can also tune in online to catch all the jams. Also, if you are in the area you should stop by their party that's taking place tonight with The Spinto Band. More information on that, as well as the program, is found below in an email from Jim McGuinn.


As this date has approached, a bunch of friends have said 'send me an email to remind me when it starts,' so...

After months of an internet-only media existence, a few weeks ago it was announced that Y100rocks.com was merging with Philadelphia public radio mainstay WXPN in an unprecedented pairing.

We've now moved the internet station into a studio at WXPN, improved our streaming servers and traded in Y100rocks.com for Y-Rock on XPN (aka Yrockonxpn.org)...

And finally - tonight - we launch the Y-Rock on XPN radio show. Hosted by me, it will be on the air every W/Th/Fri night (8-11 on Wed/Thur, 7-11 on Friday - except the last Friday each month when XPN airs Land of the Lost - a new wave retro show)... you can hear Y-Rock on XPN on the radio in Philadelphia area at 88.5fm, or listen on-line, either via XPN or www.yrockonxpn.org. Tonight we are also having a Y-Rock on XPN Radio Resurrection party - with about 500 or so of our closest friends expected at World Cafe Live downstairs (venue is adjacent to XPN studios) to hang and listen and share and rock to a live radio set from Delaware's The Spinto Band. If you are in the neighborhood - come on down - it's free (go to XPN to get on the 'guest list').

I'm excited.

Thanks to all who have supported what seemed like such an impossible idea 18 months ago as it has turned into a reality - a thriving internet radio station staffed by a few x-Y100 people assisted by 25 listener-volunteer-DJs, and a radio show on one of the country's best music stations.

Unburdened by corporate input, I look forward to going back to the purest roots of radio and musical expression...

Jim McGuinn

Y-Rock on XPN

Y-Rock On XPN Launches Tonight