Hybrid Collaborates With Perry Farrell

I am really picky when it comes to electronic/dance music. Generic trance rubbish is totally not my thing, so my rave friends can just keep that to themselves. On the other hand, when this genre is done right, I totally dig it. For example, the duo of Mike Truman and Chris Healings, also known as Hybrid. Their cinematic, orchestral soundscapes mixed with break beat created one of my favorites, their fantastic album Morning Sci-Fi.

The duo is back with a brand new album, I Choose Noise. This marks their third LP, due out in November on Distinctive Records. Their break beats will return, backed by the thirty-six piece Seattle Orchestra. The album includes a guest appearance by Perry Farrell, who dropped some vocals on the song "Dogstar." Porno For Pyro's guitarist Peter Distephano made contributions to several tracks on the album as well. Their work with Farrell actually led to another collaboration, as Hybrid co-wrote three songs for his upcoming Satellite Party album.

Get your oonce oonce oonce on and check out the tracklisting below.

I Choose Noise
01. "Secret Circles"
02. "Dogstar" (w/ Perry Farrell)
03. "I Choose Noise"
04. "Falling Down" (w/ Judie Tzuke)
05. "Last Man Standing"
06. "Hooligan Spirit"
07. "Choke" (w/ John Graham)
08. "Keep It In The Family"
09. "Until Tomorrow" (w/ John Graham)
10. "Dream Stalker"
11. "Just For Today" (w/ Kirsty Hawkshaw)


Hybrid Collaborates With Perry Farrell