Live - The Cramps @ MOFO | NYC

On Sunday, September 3rd, Cramps fanatics wrapped around the corner on 21st Street and 6th Avenue waiting to enter the Motherfucker party at Club Avalon. Young and old (even a few classic broads with Beehives), Rockabilly ghouls and gals, trannies and rockers all waited to witness The Cramps much anticipated live NYC performance. People drove from all around the US, unearthed their own graves, and escaped from their white padded cells to make it out to this event. By 12:30 am the club had reached capacity and the rest of the people had to wait in line like zombies for over two hours.

The main ballroom was packed from wall to wall and anyone who tried to make it inside was spit back out into the hallway like a bad piece of meat. From the view up top in the DJ box (located right above the ballroom), the room was filled with Pompadours, Flat Tops, Black Baby Doll bangs, Mohawks, and even a few cowboy hats. The Cramps started up with a shrieking chaos that got the crowd riled up right away. Packed like chickens in a cage at a KFC farm, no one was able to move but everyone still managed to jump up and down like a screaming baby stuck in it's crib. One by one they played all their classics and the crowd screeched along like all bad girls and boys should. The song that got the crowd raging and wanting to tear out their eyes was "Human Fly." When lead singer Lux Interior sang "I've got 96 tears and 96 eyes" the crowd went ape-shit and belted out the words in unison!

The venomous red haired vixen, Poison Ivy, the dark and handsome drummer, Harry Drumdini, and the ghoulish bassist Chapper Franklin, beat out their brains on stage. Lux Interior chanting to the crowd "You are all very bad people! You are all very bad people!" and said he was so happy be playing what was once called the Devil's music in a church. He guzzled down two bottles of red wine (spitting most of it out into the crowd) and played a mean harmonica with his eyes bulging from his sockets. He reminisced about the Mad Comics bookstore that used to be located on 225 Lafayette Street and said how much he loves New York City because "NYC is where you can be yourself!!!". He kept deep throating the mic while making sinister laughs, moaning sounds, and belching noises into it. He climbed the wall like a rabid monkey and brought the mic stand with him so he could stand on the speakers to sing.

Lux revved the already crazed crowd on by saying "Pull out your razors, pull out your sticks of dynamite and blow the shit out of this church...but if I told you that for real I'd get put in jail. Well actually, there's a lot of good drugs in jail, hahaha!!" He said they love doing what they have done for the past 30 years and hardly ever spent any time in jail...or the hospital.

Throughout the show people were crowd surfing and spitting beer while ghoulies in the balconies hung their boobies out over the banister (Dirty rock & roll and boobies always go hand-in-hand...). This psychobilly assault was by far the best dang rock & roll show I've seen in my entire life. I will be forever scared with pride to have witnessed a live performance by The Cramps before they went back to Hell.

The Cramps

by AmyLu Meneses

Live - The Cramps @ MOFO | NYC